This is what it looks like when public goods collapse, and it’s not an accident.

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This is the moment that we’ve been warned about since the beginning of the pandemic: when we don’t only have to worry about deaths from Covid-19, but also that no ICU beds will be available for someone arriving at the hospital from a car accident or with a heart attack. Until now, people who oppose pandemic restrictions have been increasing the mortality rate from Covid itself. Moving forward, they will also be increasing the mortality rate from almost everything else as hospitals start to turn patients away.

Hospitals in Alberta, strained beyond capacity, are about to be forced to enact…


Let’s see the UCP ride your record all the way to the next Alberta election instead.

Jason Kenney campaigning in Red Deer Alberta; photo by Red Deer Express, fair use of public figure

Dear Jason Kenney, the current premier of Alberta Canada,

Please, Jason Kenney, don’t resign.

Stand up for Alberta. Stand by your record proud and strong. Don’t throw yourself on your sword after endangering our loved ones just so that the United Conservative Party can dishonestly pretend that you were personally the whole problem and that your decisions in office somehow had nothing to do with them.

for decisions that brought provincial health care to its knees, after all, so if you clearly believe you haven’t done anything wrong, why oh why would you step aside?

I want…

There are four characters in this particular tragedy

Our cast of characters in the Texas tragedy: Pregnant woman photo by on , Nurse photo by on , Evangelist Photo by from , Legislator photo by from

The new anti abortion law in Texas has been widely described as putting a bounty on pregnant women, but that’s a misrepresentation. It’s actually significantly worse than that. This particular tragedy has a cast of four different characters.

The pregnant woman

If SB8 had permitted people to sue women for seeking an abortion, it would have been a lot easier to overturn it for being blatantly unconstitutional. Texas appears to have understood this , so the new law doesn’t actually put a bounty on any woman who seeks an abortion. Instead, it targets pregnant women indirectly by cruelly cutting them off from…

Every image below is accompanied with links to supporting evidence or further reading to back up every claim and help you learn more. Photo by on , edited with Canadian flag by author.

The confrontational right isn’t just acting out; they have a sinister and very specific purpose.

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The abuse constantly being hurled by antivaxxers, climate deniers, election fraud lie believers, and other lack-of-virtue signallers isn’t just an eruption of their frustrations or a declaration of their tribal identity. It has a real and deliberate purpose everywhere that you see it, even if those engaging in it aren’t sufficiently clear minded thinkers to understand or acknowledge it even to themselves.

If these people were capable of supporting their position with evidence or persuasive reason, we would see them doing so. If demonstrable facts and logic could back antivaxxers up, they’d be publishing in peer reviewed scientific journals instead…

The 2021 federal election showcases all its flaws.

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Yesterday I cast my vote in the 2021 Canadian federal election. I have always considered it my duty to vote, because even in circumstances where our power is very limited, we still face a moral responsibility to use it appropriately. Nevertheless, I knew perfectly well as I cast my ballot that my vote wasn’t going to count. Canadian politics are badly broken, with the primary causes garishly on open display.

A broken system = broken results

Canada is one of the last major nations on Earth which still clings to a First-Past-The-Post electoral system, which we share with places like Nigeria, Pakistan, and Iraq. You wont…

Anti-abortion laws rely on obvious lies about fetal development

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Texas’ new abortion bill proclaims that you cannot abort a fetus six weeks into pregnancy because of its heartbeat. For those who understand the incredibly well-documented science of human reproduction, this is an obvious lie, framed to maximize the emotional impact of a misrepresentation.

If you put a stethoscope to the belly of a woman six weeks pregnant and listen for the familiar thump-thump noise of a heartbeat from a fetus inside, you will be disappointed. At about six weeks, there is the earliest indication of electrical activity, detectable only by our more sophisticated ultrasound technology. But it isn’t a…

Unwanted children are prime targets for alt right recruitment.

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Ideologues cannot end abortion, they can only ever end safe abortions. That’s why a so-called ‘pro life’ world . Similarly, the same ideologues can’t magically transform strangers into good parents against their will, they can only ever force them into becoming resentful undersupported parents. For a repressive right wing willing to do anything it takes to acquire and maintain power, it turns out that’s actually a feature, not a bug.

When a woman believes she’s not in a position to be a good parent, I think we should believe her. She…

Rebranding global arson as climate leadership.

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Canada is having a climate change election. This is very possibly our final chance to avoid the tipping point between merely awful climate chaos and the truly horrific runaway version. Neither party facing a strong possibility of winning has what it takes to protect our climate interests. One gives us hostility to the topic while the other dispenses comforting platitudes, but both are surprisingly similar in practice: determined to be the world’s pusher of the deadly addiction to fossil fuels to the very last drop. …

A cautionary tale coming to a state near you.

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Staring at the double line on the pregnancy test, one teenaged Texan girl feels her entire life change in that moment. When she said yes to Todd after the big football game, she wasn’t expecting this. What will she do?

She agonizes over her options. She was raised to be a good Christian by notably strict parents, and their community accepts only one outcome to a story like this: instead of college, an average of 7000 diapers now await her patient handling of their objectionable contents over the next several years. Dreams of becoming a wildly successful fashion designer are…

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