When Will An Anti Vaxxer Siege Roll Into Your City?

Michael Nabert
7 min readFeb 4, 2022

No authorities will stop extremists holding communities hostage.

Image from CTV News

Think back. I’d like you to tell me the last time you heard police officials say that they weren’t going to enforce the law because they didn’t want to antagonize the people breaking it. That’s the reality facing residents as extremists besiege Canada’s capital city.

Only when our demands are met will our hostile occupation cease, they tell us. It’s the equivalent of “We’ll release the hostages in the bank only after you give us a fully fuelled private jet with clearance to depart,” except that in this case they want the complete overthrow of a democratically elected government and to unilaterally rewrite public health policy for 38 million people against their will.

Drunken aggressive people are running amok through downtown, making citizens feel like hostages in their own homes. In response, the police chief says that there is no policing response to these events.

Maybe politicians or the military should take charge, he implied, because the police simply isn’t prepared to do anything significant about a huge surge in public illegal activity.

An additional $800,000 a day is being spent on policing, but for the first several days of extremely public criminal activity, they didn’t even bother ticketing any infractions.

The simple truth is that it’s only when the extreme white engages in what is by definition domestic terrorism that police forces take an approach of negotiation rather than confrontation. When indigenous land defenders stage a peaceful protest that doesn’t make life a living hell for hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders police snipers are immediately deployed with officers instructed to “use as much violence as you want.” Break out the swastika flags, though, and suddenly it’s “we’d better not try to stop their obvious illegal activity, because it might make them upset.” The one sidedness has never been this clearly on display.

The problem isn’t entirely police cowardice, however. We should also acknowledge police collusion. The Ottawa police chief not only doesn't want the responsibility for mass violence in the street which some of the occupiers are…

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