The Sword Of Co-Vidh

Michael Nabert
20 min readNov 28, 2022

A Dungeons and Dragons Horror Adventure

Image by Gioele Fazzeri on Pixabay, edited by author

Tabletop roleplayers have been making homebrew content since the earliest days of the hobby. Dungeon Masters are welcome to make use of any part of this material that they wish. The sword of Co-Vidh is a horror adventure which begins in an urban center and utilizes the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules. For readers not familiar with the game, there’s a detailed walk through of how the rules work here if you’re curious enough for a long read, but you certainly don’t need to know them at all to get the gist of the story and themes below.

Table of Contents

Background story
Magic Items: Mask of Crippling Curse Shielding,
Magic Reflection to Negate Affliction Vaccine,
Sword of Co-Vidh,
Phreedom Literature
New Spell: Call of Phreedom
Creature Template: Brainwashed Creature
The Researcher’s Tower
The Crippling Curse of Co-Vidh
Lingering Effects: the Long Curse
The World Ending
How to use this material in your Dungeons and Dragons campaign
End notes for roleplayers

Background: a kingdom under siege

A terrible magical blight is spreading through the land, slowly devastating the population. The local ruler offers a sizeable reward for any proof of its cause. It comes in waves, rippling forth anew on the dark nights of the new moon. Believing a neighbouring nation is an ally only in name and somehow triggered the crisis to soften defences before an invasion, rich nobles are expanding their armies and preparing for war. Rumours abound of other potential sources, like an unspeakable abomination from another plane of existence poking its evil nose into our realm, or a powerful lich from local folklore harvesting lives to swell a secret undead army. One of the names being pointed at is a reportedly mad recluse wizard named Co-Vidh. Local bards sing a tale about a magical sword with his family crest on the hilt that is the only sure protection discovered thus far against this rapidly…



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