The Next Stage Of Health Care Collapse

Michael Nabert
5 min readAug 5, 2022

A feeding frenzy over the carcass ensues.

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Health care is in trouble almost everywhere. It’s almost as if deciding not to do anything at all to combat the pandemic any more wasn’t the most brilliant idea. If you’ve been lucky enough not to need to go to a hospital in the last couple of years, it’s easier to pretend it isn't happening, but various health care professionals tweeting about their workplace becoming a living hell is backed up by real world news events.

Patients are dying in hospital ERs while waiting for staff to get around to seeing them. People in extreme pain with shattered bones are waiting for days to be seen. If the Emergency Room you go to manages to be open at all, which is a pretty big if, because for the first time in our history, they’re now regularly shutting down ERs in every province.

In our hospitals, people with no medical training are now having to perform medical procedures on their own loved ones, because that’s the only way they’re going to get done. Haven’t got a family member or other close contact who can sit at your bedside and keep you alive? Best of luck.

That’s not what I’m here to tell you. I’m here to warn you what’s inescapably coming next, which includes but isn’t limited to an escalation of the above.

The saboteurs still control the media narrative

Trying to control the public dialogue, governments that have deliberately undermined public health care at every turn are now hastily announcing more new hospital beds. Beds are meaningless without adequate staff to care for the patients in them, but they’re easy to announce. Critical staffing issues are starting to hamstring even Canada’s most prominent and best funded hospitals. The politicians responsible lie to the public, claiming that nine out of ten patients are getting the care they need, which even if it were true would be cold comfort indeed for every tenth patient. On top of the death toll from Covid itself, the death toll from other medical issues that aren’t being addressed is also growing.

Lots of nurses that could retire did so. A multitude have quit, leaving workplaces now full of unprecedented abuse. A staggering number have died. The…



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