Promising Young Trucker

Michael Nabert
6 min readFeb 9, 2022

A story of a flag at a rally.

Image from wikimedia commons, edited by author

They didn’t really know who Chad was. They didn’t even know his name was Chad. The new Facebook account he contacted them with used the name Kevin. They’d crap themselves at the real him on Twitter, but so many of these climate alarmists were crusty old hippies that he figured they’d more readily trust someone they met through the old people’s social media.

He’d been at a rally with his uncle. Those damned liberals wanted to take away their guns while giving their jobs to immigrants, and they weren’t going to stand for it. One of his uncle’s drinking buddies brought a swastika flag. The Left Wing Media made a whole thing about it, like that meant everyone there was a card carrying Nazi. It was just one guy. Chad’s great grandparents lived here before World War Two was even a thing. He didn’t have anything to do with Nazis. He didn’t even have a drop of German blood in him. He was just there because they were letting in too many immigrants, and to stand up for his freedom. There were parents with kids there, for god’s sake. His girlfriend baked cookies and was there giving them away. But the media only talked about that one guy, showed that one image, like nothing else that they had to say counted because of that one piece of cloth.

It was an unfair bullshit way to silence their voices, to shut them up. To tell Chad he was the bad guy, when all he wanted was a fair shake and to protect his own.

It made him so angry.

That was why he dressed like a dork and went to two of those damned meetings where they went on and on about climate change, all of them totally hoodwinked, useful idiots helping George Soros attack our good oil jobs. It was crushingly dull and loopy, and at moments it was hard to stop himself from dropping a truth bomb on them. Honestly, he probably wouldn’t have gotten through it if one of the granola chicks wasn’t hot enough to be fun to watch and the free cookies weren’t his favourite kind. There were more young people than he thought. Sheep. He knew they were planning a big Earth Day march with a ton of people, and he wanted to be right up front with the organizers, where the media cameras would be. It was surprisingly easy. They trusted him right away and when he offered to proudly bear the flag behind their big “No…

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