I can't understand how anyone comes to take Peterson seriously as some sort of self help guru. Premises like "you should clean your room" and "tell the truth" are hardly revelations, since people have been saying them since the invention of rooms and speech, but of course Peterson himself can't be bothered to practice what he preaches on any level, with videos clearly demonstrating that he doesn't clean his own room and an enormous range of obvious lies, like repeated false claims to be a member of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation in an effort to deflect criticism from those who call out his racism.

If he restricted himself to pretending that it's somehow revelatory to tell people to clean your room, as if moms hadn't already been saying that since pretty much the the dawn of time, that would be one thing, but these vague bits of general advice that are sufficiently watered down to be meaninglessly generic are accompanied by the worst kinds of hateful rhetoric which seems predominantly to serve the purpose of urging insecure men to harden their hearts against women on the grounds that the latter are biologically and culturally inferior, garnished with suggestions that we should take our collective cues on gender relations from a bottom dwelling crustacean that pees out of its face. He cobbles together misrepresentations of various fields of study he is largely unfamiliar with under the umbrella of a false premise used by extremists who like to portray themselves as victims, and paints a thin veneer of rambling pseudo intellectuality over a lot of right wing extremism. So he offers a lot of vague vacillating and rambling nonsense upon which viewers can impose their own interpretations of meaning, combined with occasional complaints about not being able to hit women or that they shouldn't be allowed to experience body autonomy, or vocal opposition to efforts to defend human rights.

As a result, he is deeply loved by white supremacists for providing a charade of intellectual respectability for them. Richard Spencer, arguably the most famous white supremacist in America, once proclaimed how much he loved Peterson's work because "we share a lot of common ground and philosophical starting points," and we should remember that "cultural marxism" was a straw man used by the literal Nazi party for the same sort of culture war narrative that the alt right fanboys filling Peterson's wallet continue to foment today.

There was never the slightest possibility that Peterson would challenge the insurrectionists and big lie promoters of the GOP or the violence of the worst members of their base, because those people are his primary audience and cash cow. The widespread performative hypocrisy of the extreme right is the water in which he swims, such as when this self proclaimed "free speech defender" sues people for saying things about him he doesn't like, doxes activists to expose them to a firehose of hate and rape threats from his vitriolic acolytes, and even single handedly tries to cancel culture the teaching of humanities in universities. Peterson is as likely to challenge the vilest impulses of the right as he is to acknowledge the reality of climate change, or as likely as the Pope is to call a press conference to claim that Catholicism is a big joke that only a loser would take seriously.

As you say yourself in your headline, he chooses not to encourage order in the face of Trump's chaos. The idea that he'd be interested in putting out a fire that he himself keeps throwing gasoline onto is flatly absurd.

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