Congratulations, you have successfully lack-of-virtue signalled about how you believe no woman's opinion of her own experience should be considered acceptable to share when you can chime in dismissively with your mansplaining take. Who cares that some women with large breasts have back trouble or get tired of a neverending barrage of douchebags treating them like nothing of value ever happens above the neck, right? Just by dropping her top, she could easily get marriage proposals from some superficial rich douchebags who have absolutely zero interest in who she is as a human being and will doubtless happily cast her aside if a newer model trophy wife comes along, and really, isn’t that all that any of us ever wanted? Please.

What you're telling us is that you don't have something honest about your own experience to share, resent the hell out of other people who do, particularly if people then go on to read such a thing, and would very much like to prove the point of a thousand different women writers about the online problem of casual sexism. Garnishing this with vacuous claims that the only thing you’d need to immediately be desired by various well known women is a large penis as if dick size is literally the only thing any woman cares about and that they are all helpless before its power is particularly impotent on the actually understanding how actual healthy human relationships work level.

So your douchebaggery score here comes up as nine out of ten, but that's about all you've apparently got. So sad.

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