Wouldn’t amateurs filling those roles be cheaper?

The term “essential workers” existed before Covid, but has taken on new life in the pandemic era. Without people picking produce, delivering it to grocery stores, and stacking it on shelves, the casual plenty in which we planned our meals transforms into disconcerting scarcity. That work is essential.

Calling it…

Say farewell to your simple pleasures.

I’ve never flown on a private jet, and I will certainly never own one. I’m totally okay with that. My ambitions are less materialistic. But we take the distribution of private jet travel as a given: to the obscenely wealthy, the private jet is normal, and to the rest of…

Amusing musings of a dedicated linguaphile.

January 18th is National Thesaurus Day. English is the only language with so large a vocabulary that we make thesauruses for it. It’s historically appropriate/applicable/befitting/correct to acknowledge/recognize that we ended up in this place by ambushing/bushwhacking/assaulting/assailing other languages in dark alleys and rummaging through their pockets for loose vocabulary/terminology/palaver/words.


Because what’s one more layer of reckless endangerment, right?

The vaccine hesitant have been telling us that they’re worried we don’t know what the long term effects of getting repeated doses of new vaccines are. What might the metabolic impact be of someone getting the Covid vaccine ten times in a row, and far more quickly than doctors recommend?

There’s a whole lot of zapping going on

You may remember a time when you’d never heard of firenadoes, heat domes, rain bombs (technically known as wet microbursts), atmospheric rivers, or pyrocumulonimbus clouds. Now we can add another new extreme event to our lexicon: the lightning siege.

Different places face different extreme weather. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and drought…

I wonder how many anti masker evangelicals will volunteer?

The best response to a collective crisis is a collective response. We can see that triple or quadruple vaccinating only people in rich countries while abandoning poor nations to Covid isn’t getting the virus under control. I suppose the up side of a patchwork mess of varied regional responses is…

Let’s be clear what ‘living with Covid’ really means.

Instead of trying to defeat Covid, it’s much easier to say that we should just learn to live with it. It means that you can stop trying, stop distancing, stop masking, and just pretend that it isn’t a big deal. It also means saying that we’re totally okay with tens…

Michael Nabert

Researching a road map from our imperilled world into one with a livable future with as much good humour as I can muster along the way.

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